About 67jobs platform

   is a member’s only software engineering talents platform for hiring high skilled developers and technical managers.  

It was created by engineers for engineers in 2015. After operating for 4 years as a boutique recruitment company we decided to scale up our model and open it to everyone.  

  • Email: office{at}67jobs.com
  • Phone: +48 697 674 222

  • On average software engineers find a new job within 2.5 weeks. 
  • We give you an opportunity to contact such engineers during this time and convince them that your project is right for them.

Pay for results approach:


Select level that works for you:

LEVEL 1: Pay As You Go: Job Postings and Direct Candidate Invitation 

LEVEL 2: Pay only if you hire. Success Fee model, Free Job Postings and Direct Candidate Invitations

LEVEL 3: Recruitment as a Service

Here an example of one of our profiles:

Pricing model

Level 1: Pay As You Go : Job Postings + Direct Candidate Invitations

Post your Jobs on 67jobs platform
Candidates can directly apply on your job postings. 

 Directly approach our candidates by reviewing their anonymous profiles. 

We lower cost of job posting to minimum (100 PLN) and focus on building great profiles that help companies and candidates find each other.  

<<< Job Posting Type >>>Price
Company Profile, add information about your events and blog articles
Internship/First Job postings (30 Days) - for candidates with no professional experience
Standard Job Posting (30 Days) can include several locations100 PLN

HireNow Job Posting (30 Days) - with 2 000 PLN Sign On Bonus paid to the hired candidate after thier probation period.  

  • Sign On Bonus -- significantly increases number of applicants.
  • If no candidates applied -- we will work with you to improve your job posting and give you next 30 Days free of charge. 
100 PLN
<<< Invite Candidate >>> Price
One Candidate Invitation  
  • All candidates are pre-selected, top-tier software engineers who are passively or actively looking for a new job.

  • 400 PLN per invite

    Invite 10 Candidate