About Us

is a member’s only software engineering talents platform for hiring high skilled developers and technical managers.

It was created by engineers for engineers in 2015. After operating for 4 years as a boutique recruitment company we decided to scale up our model and open it to everyone.  

We believe that great people should have great jobs, period. 

Our key differentiator is our focus on your needs by providing:   

1. Members only recruitment platform,  where companies compete for employees

2. All hired candidates via 67jobs platform get paid for time spent on interviews (applies if you were not in contact with that company during last 3 months and have 2+ years of professional experience).

- 100 PLN - - register, accept an interview invitation and pass the first interview with a company representative. 

- 2 000 PLN - - get hired on any HireNow type of job. 

3. Career Coaching with a technical expert (10+ years of experience)

  • help to clarify personal career goals, identify skills gaps
  • tell what are current trends in a particular technology area
  • advice on next career move

4. Traditional job board where you can browse and apply on posted job offers.

You decide !

HireNow model


Register to become a member

As your application is approved, you will join the members-only group of top-paid specialists on the market.

Phone conference with 67jobs

Our technical expert/recruiter will contact you to learn more about your skills and career goals,
Help you to create your anonymous profile,
Connect you with right companies.

Meet companies

Set your account status to "Open for interview"
Companies will review your anonymous profile and invite on job interviews with salary information upfront. 
You decide to whom to talk and when to reveal your contact info & CV.
Take 100 PLN after you accept an interview invitation and pass the first interview (applies for candidates with 2+ years of experience)

If you wish you can apply directly. 

Get hired. Sooner than you think !

Take a HireNow job
Receive 2000 PLN compensation for time spent on HireNow interviews.

Your privacy is our focus !

Companies will review your anonymous profile. You decide if you want to share your contact information. We are RODO/GDPR compliant.

    – apply without registration
  • We will not keep your CV or email, but you don't receive a sign on bonus. 

    any company
  • Your anonymous profile will not show up in blacklisted companies search results. You can blacklist a whole category (ex. Recruitment agencies)

      RATE your interview experience and stop SPAM
    • We do not work with companies that SPAM or mislead our candidates, or simply are not professional.

       Too JUNIOR
      for a HireNow Job 

Register and get a free career coaching session, apply for an entry level job or internship. As you build your career move to HireNow jobs.


Introduce 67jobs to your company 


Tell your company about 67jobs services. It is completely free to join. https://67jobs.com/for-employers
Set up a meeting with company representatives (Owner, Hiring manager, HR manager)

As soon a first candidate is recruited in the HireNow model we will pay you 1 000 PLN

Our contact information:

  • email: office{at}67jobs.com
  • phone: +48 697 674 222

Become our Technology Partner 

We are looking for both companies and individuals to publish useful information about:

Community events

         Professional and career development articles

         Training opportunities

Each month we award authors who published highest rated articles.

Join 67jobs as a Technical Interviewer & Career coach

  • We are looking for openminded people with broad technical knowledge to join out team as technical recruiters and career coaches. (Remote office, part time is OK)

    Technical recruiters: 

    • conduct screening interviews
    • understand our candidates career goals 
    • advice on next career move
    • assist in writing candidate's professional profiles on 67jobs platform.

    Career coaches (10+ years of experience Senior Engineer, Team Lead/Manager, Project Manager or similar

    • help our candidates to clarify their personal career goals, identify skills gaps
    • tell what are current trend in particular technology area,
    • assist in writing candidate's professional profiles on 67jobs platform.
    • advice on next career move,